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    Hi there, it’s me, Beverly Justine Verallo but you may call me Bev for short. Some calls me Bing, Berly, Berlay, Beverloy, Berl or Bevang – whatever your preference. I am working as a Legislative Assistant at LGU – City of Bogo for quite some time now. Bev is a fun and outgoing Sagittarius who always seeks adventure and thrill in life. A woman who always seeks for something new and something to look forward to in order to make her life more exciting.

    Let’s get to know her, shall we?

    Me, myself and I


    I was born in San Pedro, Laguna but my family decided to go home for good in Bogo City, Cebu when I was 6 years old. I am currently 30 years old with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication at Cebu Normal University – Main Campus batch 2014. I am the eldest among the three daughters of my parents, Rodulfo Verallo and Brescilia Verallo. I am very much single, available and willing to mingle.

    My father passed away when I was 9 years old due to diabetes complication and with that being said, me and my sisters were single-handedly raised by our mother who also joined our creator on 2016 because of stroke leaving us all orphaned. I was 22 at that time. I do salute my mother for her courage and bravery in raising us and having us, three, finished in College. Despite of that, it did not stop me from moving forward and continue with life. This has taught me independence – doing most of the things alone. All thanks to our Almighty Father for His grace, mercy, guidance and protection. I am literally nothing without HIM.

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    Right after graduation, after taking two months of rest, I worked as a part-time ESL Teacher in Maguikay, Mandaue for 7 months. It was a fun experience teaching English to Koreans ages 6 – 20 years old. I took the Civil Service Exam – Professional while working and fortunately passed on my first take. Practically wise, I resigned to find a full- time job and got hired as an Accounts Services Coordinator at New Zealand Immigration Help Service – Cebu City where I served for 10 months.


    As an individual who always aims for growth and development in my career, I transferred to Wise Immigration and Study Services in Lapu-Lapu and worked as a Senior Processing Officer/ Team Leader for 5 years and 10 months. This has honed my skills in public speaking, technical writing, critical thinking, problem solving and more. I am grateful for the experiences it has taught me however, there is a need for me to go home and work in my hometown, Bogo City for good. Luckily, I got hired as a Legislative Assistant in LGU – City of Bogo making my Civil Service Eligibility into use.


    These are the things that I’m passionate about and interest me.

    As mentioned, I love thrill and adventure. I often do travels when finances permit. LOL. I travel with friends but most of the time; I travel solo especially when I’m brokenhearted (Hahahaha) or whenever I feel like it. Most of the people find it weird and scary when I travel solo but it’s a therapy for me. I find peace and comfort in it. I love the freedom it’s giving me.

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    I love long rides too. I owned a Honda Click 125i scooter. On a weekend, whenever I am stressed or bored, I immediately grab my keys and helmet and hop on my scooter to take a stroll in my hometown or to neighboring cities or municipalities. Just recently, I went to the Treehouse by Manna Grill in Antipolo, Medellin all by myself. I will share my experience to that in another blog. 




    I am also a kind of sporty woman. I’m into badminton and a part of a group called Shuttle Breakers where I was one of the founders. I would say that I am an intermediate player - not a beginner, not a professional. Aside from the sweat that I get from playing the sport which keeps me maintain my shape by the way, I love the sport because of the family I found in it. The laughter and the memories we shared are unmatched.

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    What keeps me going?

    That is a very interesting question and let me answer that.


    My family, my goals and dreams in life are what keep me going. My sisters and my late parents are my inspiration in everything that I do. I want them to be proud of me and I hope I have made them proud of my achievements. On the other hand, I wanted to have a partner, get married and have a family of my own which is my dream and ultimate goal. Of course, I want to see my offspring and want someone to spend my lifetime with. Though, it may seem far-reaching as of the moment, but I definitely do believe in God’s perfect time. For now, I am just enjoying this phase of being single and making the most out of it. Those are the reasons I strive hard every single day.

    The reason

    The reason why I’m here is because of my colleague, special mention, @aicaralarde1994 who happens to be one of my closest friends in the office. She shared this to me during our lunch break and for someone who has a passion in writing; I got very interested and excited. I felt like I have a lot to share to the community. I want to share my life experiences, what piqued my curiosity, my travels, my realizations, and snippets of my day to day life even to the most mundane things. And hopefully, I could inspire the readers and they could get lesson from my story.

    To be honest, I am into this, blogging, however, I could not find the best avenue so far and I do certainly believe that Hive could be the best tool in my blogging life. Thus, I am grateful to ma’am @jobeliever for introducing me to Hive and teaching me it's ways. I am also looking forward to creating new friends through this and support each other, building connections. If you happened to read this, nice to meet you.

    Well, that’s a wrap. That’s pretty much about me. See you on my next entry.


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