Garden and food

in evency •  25 days ago

    Today was a pleasant day, since by today more fresh flowers had already come to the garden, which quickly come out on the first day of + 7 degrees heat. So I brought some flowers to the kitchen so I would have a fresh feeling when I was cooking.

    I made one large amount of hot soup, it was not difficult for me to do this, but some say it is difficult sup 💁💁 I have no idea why 😁😆

    This is beet soup with minced meat and root vegetables...

    ingredients parts

    minced meat
    minced meat seasoning
    fresh parsley
    fresh chives
    fresh dill

    and finally, to put on a little sour cream on it before starting eating 😋😋👌👌👌

    I was use here my Samsung A50 phone

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