How long that can last?

in blog •  10 days ago

    Hi, guys!

    And another day of struggle for my own normal state. This is just some kind of nightmare, today, out of the blue, I woke up sick again. Horror, what to do with this. In my mind, I understand that my body quickly realized that I had retained my grip on my own throat and that now I urgently need to start taking revenge on me for everything, but it’s hard to accept.

    I don’t think that returning to the previous way of life will help me in any way; it has already proven its complete failure. But I think that I need to try first to establish the basic things necessary for a normal life. I'm talking about sleep, nutrition, sports, walks.
    In a word, everything that will prevent me from completely falling apart.

    I’m now planning to finish this post, sleep a couple more hours (I woke up late and exhausted), and only then I’ll start living my day. I don’t have many plans today, and I could safely cross them all out and describe what I need in just one sentence - try to stay alive.

    Yesterday it turned out that the coach with whom I danced on Thursdays would no longer be able to teach me classes, and I would have to adjust to Sunday. It’s a shame that this happened, it was a very convenient training schedule. Now we have to come up with something new, which in itself is also very good :)

    Have a great day everyone!



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